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Build with the most beautiful Cabin One Minimal House. Carefully designed, easy to build, with high quality standards. Use it as hideaway in nature or city. 5 កក្កដា 2016 - Solar-powered, prefabricated Cabin Spacey prototype reinvents urban living. . Cabin Spacey, solar power, Berlin, rooftop house, urban cabin, prefab, . Tesla's new Solar Roof is actually cheaper than a normal roof. 20 កញ្ញា 2018 - Following along the lines of this 'living as a service' subscription model is Berlin, Germany's Cabin Spacey, a minimalist, modular and smart . 7 កក្កដា 2016 - A new genre of urban living above the roofs and in every niche of the city! Check out 'CABIN SPACEY - HOME ANYWHERE! smart urban . CABIN SPACEY. 1554 likes · 5 talking about this · 4 were here. The most beautiful Minimal House for a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. Designed. 7 កក្កដា 2016 - Cabin Spacey estimates that Berlin alone has 55,000 unused roofs that . eco-friendly and powered by solar panels attached to the cabin roof. 3 កញ្ញា 2018 - Cabin Spacey is a small urban cabin in Berlin, Germany, that offers an . to typical rental apartments, and can be placed on an unused roof or . 5 កក្កដា 2016 - It's all the work of two architects named Simon Becker and Andreas Rauch, the masterminds behind Cabin Spacey, which has been heralded . 6 កក្កដា 2016 - Cabin Spacey's small, prefab shelters are designed to be installed on . The cabin is powered by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof that .

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